Olokun’s Wrath

JAN 05

But the great goddess Olokun, ruler of all under the Sky, was not happy, for she had not been consulted by Obatala and became enraged when she saw her kingdom usurped.

When the Orishas returned to the Sky, Olokun summoned great waves that washed over Ife, drowning people, bringing down homes, palaces, temples, and cities, until there was nothing left.

Only those who fled to the mountains survived, begging the god Eshu, the messenger of the Orishas, to report what was happening.

When Orunmila heard the news, he descended the golden chain and casted many spells to make the flood recede, and dry land reappeared.

Many centuries passed, and the Orishas returned to live among men and women, creating new cities and nations, as the empires of the past remained buried in the sands of time and memory.


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