Obatala creates humans

JAN 04

Many months passed and Obatala felt lonely, so he decided to create beings like himself to keep him company. He dug in the sand and found clay with which he began to mold perfect figures, drinking the wine from the palm trees as he worked. But as he got drunk, Obatala began to mold many imperfect, disabled and deformed figures, some even monstrous, dreadful to look at.

Unaware of that fact, he pledged Olorun to give life to his creatures. And on the next day, seeing what he had done, he swore never to drink again. He confined the monstrous creatures to the dark recesses of the earth and promised to care for the disabled, becoming their protector.

Obatala taught his people how to build huts and Ife prospered, turning into a beautiful city. All the Orishas were happy with Obatala’s work, and they visited Ife often, helping the people to grow into powerful empires.

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