The Chain is Broken

JAN 07

One day, without warning, the golden chain of Obatala, binding Heaven and Earth together, was shattered. The giant, shiny metal links fell hard upon the earth, creating earthquakes and tidal waves that swept over the land.

Suddenly, the Orishas could no longer come to Ife, and only Eshu, the messenger god, was able to carry out communications between the Sky and the earth, often requiring offerings and sacrifices to do so.

Knowing that Ife was vulnerable, invaders, marauders, and monsters began to ravage cities and kingdoms, killing, looting, and taking people as slaves, scattering them across land and sea, never to be seen again.

This is the time of the Diaspora, when men and women suffer. Our gods and ancestors cry in despair. And only the Akoni, the blood of the Orishas, the fists and the blades of our grandparents, who bear the mark of the holy bird Sankofa, are powerful enough to fight for the fate of Ife.

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