Obatala creates the Akoni

JAN 06

But over the years, Obatala’s monstrous creations emerged from the caves and ruins of yore, attacking and tormenting the people of Ife.

To protect his creation, Obatala took the finest clay and pierced his finger, dripping his blood on the clay before molding new figures, infused with the power of the Orishas. And he marked them with the sigil of the bird Sankofa, so they could be easily identified.

These people are the Akoni, defenders and heroes of Ife. Seeing that their people were safe under Akoni’s watch, the Orishas returned once more to the Sky.

And the people prospered, their kingdoms expanded, contacting distant lands over deserts and seas, including the nomadic sand warriors to the north, the short, mysterious bush-hunters to the south, and a race of strange, pale men, dressed in gleaming armor, carrying staffs of thunder, who came on great sailing ships, in search of spices, ivory and gold.

For a time, all was well. Until disaster befell again.


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