The King and the Prophet


Today, I’ll describe a kingdom north of Ife, the realm where the Akoni stories take place. It is inspired by the Empire of Mali and the legendary king Mansa Musa, the richest man in History.

In the realm of Timurun, a majestic kingdom north of Ife, the wise sovereign Malik Mansur rules with a balanced blend of tradition and progress. An exceptionally enlightened leader, Malik Mansur embraced the teachings of the enigmatic figure known as The Prophet, guiding his subjects toward spiritual elevation, prosperity, generosity and piety.

During his initial pilgrimage to the Temple of the Prophet, Malik Mansur found himself separated from his entourage, lost in the vast desert for several days and nights. Fearing for his life, Malik Mansur fervently prayed for a divine signal. The next morning, the monarch stumbled upon a hidden marvel—the colossal golden chain of Obatala, partially buried in the shifting dunes. Acknowledging the unparalleled wealth before him, the monarch chose to keep the discovery a closely guarded secret, disguising the true source of his incomparable riches and attributing his kingdom’s prosperity to the legendary Mines of the Mage King.

With a vision that extended well beyond material wealth, Malik Mansur used his immense fortune to turn Timurun into a beacon of knowledge. He built universities, attracting scholars and establishing the largest library in the known world. To ensure the protection of his domains, he maintained a formidable army, well-trained river patrols, and brave groups of scouts guarding the borders. Under his rule, Timurun flourished not only as a bastion of wisdom but also as a safe haven for sages and scholars of any origin.

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