Hello, Lore 24

We’re kicking off 2024 with the splendid idea of Lore 24. Much as Dungeon 23, last year, Lore 24 is a community initiative where participants try to keep the creative juices running, putting out a piece of content a day, throughout the whole year.

This time, instead of a dungeon room a day, we’re supposed to publish any piece of lore pertraining to a specific setting, be it our game world, something you’re making just for fun or, as is the case here, an idea that was in the back burner and might benefit from this little ‘nudge’ to work steadily on it.

So, during Lore 24, We’ll be developping piece by piece of a new game called Akoni: Blood of the Orishas.

As the work progresses, you will have the chance to follow the creative process and interact with me during this year-long narathon.

And to kick off the whole thing, we’ll start with the creation of the world.

In our next post, of course…

If you want to know more about Lore 24 check the links below:

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