Heed these words, my children. For ’tis a time of Woe

The Chain of Obatala, binding Heaven and Earth together, is broken.

And the Orishas, our gods and ancestors, cry in despair.

Our mighty empires withered and our shining cities vanished.

Our people in shackles, scattered across land and sea.

Our villages attacked by looters, raiders, monsters.

Our treasures and secrets buried deep under sand and stone.

Our glorious past, forgotten…

But you bear the mark of the holy bird Sankofa. And you remember! For yours is the blood of the Orishas.

You are Akọni, bold and brave. You are the blades and the fists of our grandparents. You are adventurers, champions, heroes!

And you are our last and only hope.

This is Akọni: a game of Afro Fantasy Roleplaying in which you create mythic tales of adventure and courage, victory and sacrifice. Based on a streamlined version of the world’s most popular RPG’s 5th incarnation, Akoni helps you forge heroic, legendary characters and stories in a fantastic realm inspired by African traditions and folklore.


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